12 Essential Photos for Your Wedding Reception

Your wedding day is one of the most unforgettable days of your married life. It’s important to capture those special moments as you start off your new life together and the wedding reception provides a beautiful backdrop for some of your first pictures as a couple.

In order to get the best result for your perfect wedding reception photos, talk to your photographer ahead of time and make a list of what you most want to capture. Make it clear what shots, poses, and details you like and want to include in your wedding album. Having a clear list of important pictures will help the photographer in planning out the best strategy for your wants and needs. Don’t forget to include any unique shots that most express your wedding’s personality!

Here are 12 must have reception photos to start your list of picture perfect moments:

The Reception Decor

Planning your reception has been a lot of work and it reflects much of your style and personality, so it’s essential that the photographer capture some of this beautiful décor. On your photo list might be wide shots of your venue, particularly in picturesque settings like gardens, beaches, or historic mansions, and large shots of your reception as a whole. Then capture smaller parts like the guest tables, bride and groom tables, and buffet. Close up shots of tiny details in your décor, like candles, place settings, signs, escort cards, and centerpieces show your unique touches.


The Wedding Favors

Your wedding favors are special elements that every bride puts a lot of thought into. After all each is a small token that will keep the memory of your wedding alive in your guests minds and reflects the personality of your special day. Make a point to take a shot of them whether displayed as part of a table setting or together at a special favor table.

The Wedding Cake

Often the centerpiece of a wedding reception, your wedding cake can showcase the unique style of the new couple and the overall look of the wedding. A beautiful shot highlighting the elegant cake and cake topper is a must have. For best result be sure to display your cake in an area that will complement it best.


Arriving At The Reception

Pictures leaving the church ceremony are a must but try to get some shots of arriving at your reception as well. A well placed shot of you and your groom being presented to your guests as newlyweds as you arrive can be a great addition to a wedding album.


The First Dance

What’s more beautiful than your first dance as husband and wife? It’s a perfect time to capture the happiness and love between a couple. Make sure that your photographer takes as many pictures of this as possible to provide you with many shots to choose from.


The Father/Daughter Dance

This dance between a bride and her father is a special and often emotional moment in any wedding. As with the first dance it is best to get many shots in order to find the perfect one. Remember to make some copies of these for your father as he will treasure the memories of this dance too.

bride and dad

The Wedding Toast

The Wedding toast is a long time tradition. Always some of the favorite shots, it captures close family and members of the bride and groom’s court as they give the new couple best wishes on their new life. The couple in turn may take this time to thank their family and guests. Have your photographer capture everyone’s toasts and perhaps some close-ups of the clinking flutes.


Bouquet Toss

The Bouquet toss is a fun moment for all the single ladies in your party. Be sure to capture all the excitement with shots of the bride as she lines up for the toss, the guests as they reach for the flowers, and of the lucky winner!


Candid Party Pictures

Along with picture of the more planned events at your reception be sure to put room in for fun candid pictures of you and your guests as they sit at dinner and party it up on the dance floor. To make these more interesting you could try requesting shots at odd angles and perspectives, such as high angle pictures of you and your guests dancing, or pictures of dinner guests looking through the centerpiece.

foto con invitados

The Court of Honor

Your bridesmaids and groomsmen are people who’ve always been there for you, so take some time during the party for exclusive shots together. Take them as a group, the bride and her bridesmaids, the groom and his men, as well as some of the bride with her Maid of Honor and groom with his Best Man.


Best gift for the Court of Honor

Parents of the Bride and Groom

Pictures with your parents are a perfect way to share this day with them too. Individual photos of the bride and groom with their respective parents as well as a special shot of the newly united family as a whole will make treasured keepsakes for everyone.

parents & Bride

Leaving the Reception

A perfect ending to your wedding album will be a picture of you and your new husband as you ride off into your future. Whether this be a classic image of driving away with a “Just Married” sign on your back bumper or simply of everyone cheering you as you set out, it is an essential shot of your wedding.


These are just a few of the many photo opportunities at your wedding. Each wedding has a different style from elegant to fun and your choice of pictures can capture and highlight the uniqueness of yours. Use this list as a jumping off point to help capture the wedding of your dreams forever in your memory.


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