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DIY Spring Butterflies Centerpieces

I have an event for a Tea Party, and our theme is for Springs Butterfly” New beginning”.

We desire to make it easy and very attractive centerpieces ideas with very economic accessories and items. It can be used for the Bridal shower,  Quinceanera Party and more.

Here a list of the  items we  used for these Wonderful Centerpieces:

  • Wine Glasses(Dollar Tree)
  • Water pearls pink(decorativas Perlas de agua)
  • Artificial flowers or roses
  • Attractive hand painted butterflies.(Mariposa Decorativas)
  • Silicone
  • Cylinder Vases
  • floating candles

Here we go with all these items to start the project:

1-Ready with the water pearl comes in a small package but make  5 L of pearls. You need to give ready  2 hours before you start the project.

The butterflies  I bought have a great selection of different colors.


2-I glue the butterflies in the wine glasses( 3 min) used ( I need to make approx 12 centerpieces ).


3-I select 6  steams of flowers for each glasses and tie very good together.


4-One large butterfly is going to be a decorative TOP.


5-And Look here is looking good and very easy.


6-And with Cylinder Vases we make sometimes similar, decorate with the butterflies and add the water pearls and the floating candle.


7-And look here the Two beautiful pieces  for the centerpieces


The day of the events and the beautiful Centerpieces decorations on the table.



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