Planning your Wedding with out Loosing your Mind!

Starting to plan a perfect wedding that reflects your personality is just the beginning. Understanding the meaning and the inspiration for a real wedding is very important.

First, it’s recommended to start to plan a year in advance. Then, an opportunity to search for locations, food, cakes, bars, reception fees, marriage licenses, gifts & wedding favors, transportation, rentals, stationary, flowers, wedding attire, music, videographer and photographer.


Enlist family and friends to help.

Wedding planner books are a great help. The planner really helps to create a working structure and to reduce stress. In fact this is probably the biggest recommendation to the brides. By using the book you will know how to take care of all the aspects of the ceremony and wedding.

Determine your budget based on what you and fiancé will give. Spend a fortune is no necessary for a wonderful and memorable wedding. With the help of a planning book, find out what things cost, compare ideas available for your budget.

wedding planning

Delegate a friend or family member to take care of certain things in the reception place, “big or small problems”. You don’t want to hear about this during your big day. The point is to choose a very competent and trustworthy person to reduce the stress.

Hire qualified service providers and suppliers for you reception. Ask for recommendations from friends or maybe other brides who share the same standard quality reception that you’re looking for.

Choosing products or suppliers, is a big overwhelming. Always buy samples first. Look quality and services and then order the rest of the items.

Wedding and reception planning will go a long way in preventing your dream day from turning into a nightmare. The success of any projects, “particularly your wedding” depends on the success of the smallest components. Everything from the dress, cake, serving dishes, menu, flowers, gifts, and wedding favors should reflect your personal taste and style. Leave a lasting impression that all the guests, friends, family, you and your fiancé will cherish for years to come.

Remember your wedding will be the happiest days of your life. Your wedding planning should show this. So prepare yourself to enjoy and know that with creativity and an open mind, you can achieve the wedding of your dreams.


If you need more great ideas, look wedding websites, supplies and accessories. Before your start to plan for your big day, you need to know exactly how much money you have to work with!


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