15 Tips to Throw the Perfect Quince’s Party

Prepare for your Quinceanera’s beautiful celebration with these fifteen tips to throw the perfect Quince.

Keep in mind the time that it takes to plan a magnificent feast and a party that everyone will have a blast attending.

Tip One:

Use a party planning guide. You can easily find free downloadable printables online to help organize your event schedule. Keep a checklist of things to get, tasks to do, and deadlines for each important aspect of your Quinceanera.

Tip Two:

Take the time to meet with all your service providers (caterers, djs, photographers,etc.) that you will need for your fiesta. Make appropriate contracts and be sure to explicitly communicate what your expectations and requirements will be at the event. Also be sure to explain the unique needs and significance of Quinceanera celebrations.

Tip Three:

Consider a budget and expenses section to add in your party planner. Set an overall budget and  calculate what you would need to spend for each aspect of the event. You may want to ask family members or godparents/padrinos to help with some of the expenses. Follow your budget and keep careful track of your expenses so that you have a good record of your Quince’s finances.

Tip Four:

Prepare invitations for your “Honor Court”, family and guests early. The people that you choose to invite are what will make you Quince memorable. Plan on having these done 6 to 8 months prior to your event leaving plenty of time for mailing and gathering RSVP’s.

Tip Five:

Select your reception  site, get everything that you’ve agreed on in writing and talk with your Event Coordinator  6 weeks before your event day. Create a program listing everything that will be happening at your Quinceanera in order. It may not end up exactly as scheduled but it will still be helpful to know ahead of time what should happen next.

Tip Six:

Schedule time for going shopping for your dress and celebration accessories. You might want to make a second schedule keeping track of any dress alterations and fittings that need to be made. Also find your tiara,  bouquet, guest book and pens,  photo albums, toasting flutes, quinceanera favors, headpieces and jewelry.

completo set de paris 

Tip Seven:

Hiring and choosing Catering services is not easy.  Follow your planning checklist, ask lots of questions about their menus and food,  and if possible ask for references from other events they have worked. What do they provide before and after the party? What would you need to provide? Ask for a quote that would include all your party’s requirements.

Tip Eight:

If your will be hiring a musician or DJ ask about what would be included in the contract, like the sound equipment and electrical requirements at the site, and how much space is needed for them at the reception site. Setup a meeting to review your choice of music, any performances, presentation of the Quinceanera and her Court, and time needed for any speeches you may want to make.

Tip Nine:

A profesional videographer & photographer is a good choice for capturing the best moments  of your Quince and  have memories to share with family and friends. Be sure to explain to them special moments that your specifically want them to capture like the Vals/Waltz, La Marcha, or any special ceremonies you want to be part of your celebration.

Tip Ten:

The Cake is the highlight in your event. Visit various cake bakeries and ask  if they provide samples to taste athe various cake flavors and take a look at their colors and designs to create a cake perfect for your party’s theme.

Figura Pastel de Quince
Figurina Pastel de Quince

Tip Eleven:

Flower and decorations are very important to your reception, ceremony and photos. You should consider the arrangements needed in the altar area, the ceremony aisle,  the entranceway for the reception. Also plan the decor for  guest tables, buffet tables, head tables and cake table. Find centerpieces that will highlight your reception’s theme.

Tip Twelve:

Finding timely transportation for you, your family and the Quinceanera Court is very important. Be sure that everyone in the Honor Court, and other important people in your reception like godparents, know what time they need to be at the Church and at the reception.  Have everyone aware of the program schedule to avoid confusion.

Tip Thirteen:

The “Vals” is an important tradition in any Quinceanera celebration. Prepare your choreography in advance and practice with your Honor Court. You may or may not want to hire a choreographer but schedule plenty of time for everyone to learn their part in the dance. Sometimes it isn’t easy to make a good performance but practice will make perfect!

Tip Fourteen:

Don’t forget to put together a “Thank you” speech. You will need to express gratitude to your parents, family, godparents, sponsors, Honor Court, and guests for everything they have donet o make your day and life special.

Tip Fifteen:

Enjoy,  your Quinceanera! This is a mayor milestone in your life and a precious day to treasure with family and friends. With proper planning you shouldn’t have anyhting to worry about and many fun memories to make!


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