How to throw the Best Bridal Shower on a Budget


Turn your dream bridal shower into reality even on a tight budget with these stylish ideas and create a perfect day that will inspire your friends and other brides. Then sit back , relax, and dream about your upcoming wedding day!

Discuss your Bridal Shower’s Budget with your Groom

Planning the budget is very important. Do you have other  family members helping in the preparation and planning of the bridal shower? Your groom,  parents,  mother-in-law, or friends can help contribute to your shower.  Some alternative for reducing costs are cooking up your own desserts or finger foods and making some diy decorations.

Delegate Tasks

You will need some help at the location where the bridal shower will be held.  Maybe at the family home in small backyard or another charming setting.  Personal settings make for a specially treasured moment with your family and friends.

Someone can also help you with the task of sending out invitations by mail or by hand delivery. And there are sure to be many other small task that someone will love to help you with.

Skip the Bakery

Don’t order from a bakery! Remember your budget. There are many delicious and simple foods that are so easy to make at home specially if you have help.  Finger food or a selection of desserts are both practical and desirable.  You can find in your family circle a member(s) that loves to cook and would be willing to help.

Try adding a fun touch on the shower by creating your own cocktail. You can find recipes online and friends that would be willing to help you experiment and taste test!

But for the cake maybe look for a  simple confection at the local bakery, something small and delicious that will fit into your budget.

DIY or Affordable Favors

Empaques para
Mini Cajas Para Dulces (pk de 12)


Making favors will be fun for you and everyone that’s helping you. There are so many diy favor  ideas online, but if your time is short ordering online is also easy and you can find  affordable bridal favors and accessories for family and friends.

Decoration Craft-ernoon before the Shower

Get together with some friends from your  work  or class to help in an afternoon of crafting. Flower arrangements decorations handmade by family and friends are memorable.  Paper decorations, banners, fans and other decor items are also very easy to elaborate and make perfect for your party without blowing your bridal budget.

Bridal Shower Activities

Someone in your family circle is sure to have great ideas for a fun time at your bridal shower. Hire him or her! They might now some great games to entertain your guest and you can have someone to help coordinate everyone in the activities of the day for free.

Sometimes asking for help is not easy, but your familiy members would never leave you  during these important events in your life.  So be creative in finding  ways to make your shower special and add your personal touch in the food, decor, and memories at your bridal shower.

Pro Tip: For a little extra help in organizing your party use a bridal shower checklist. There are many printables available for free online!


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